About Us


The International Law Firm is a long-established and successful professional law firm in the United Arab Emirates having its regional office in Dubai. Also, the Firm enjoys close associations and correspondent arrangements with reputable law firms and organizations around the world.
For many years, The International Law Firm has been providing legal and professional services to individuals and companies starting from establishing a legal presence and maintaining business operations in the UAE and MENA region as well as developing off-shore businesses in different jurisdictions. The International Law Firm has also been invited to advise local governments, government departments, agencies and institutions on various aspects of laws, legislation and regulatory matters.
Our reputation as one of the leading law firms has been built upon our ability to offer the most sensible and practical legal solutions to our clients.
Our lawyers have extensive knowledge and practical experience in a broad range of business and commercial transactions particular to this region.

We Focus On Solutions

Traditional legal advice tends to focus on the problems and often follows with endless questions without any real solutions. At The International Law Firm, we use our legal skills and experience to analyze the problems but always focus on providing the best practical solutions to the clients. Often this involves finding the right types of legal remedies that can be attained quickly and with the least cost.
Naturally, preventing problems from arising is always wiser than seeking legal remedies afterwards. Hence, we make extra effort to ensure that our clients always take all preventive measures before engaging in any new businesses or involvement in any unfamiliar transactions.

Our Approach

We believe that true perception of each client's requirements is the very first step in finding the right solution. At The International Law Firm, therefore, we focus on every client's particular needs by creating individually tailored solutions.
It is also our belief that even the best remedies can be meaningless if attained too late. Thus, our approach is to always provide prompt legal advice and the right solutions to Clients in the most appropriate jurisdictions.

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The International Law Firm provides a cost-effective, legal advice and professional services to meet all Clients business and legal objectives. Furthermore, our dedicated team of professionals are committed to assisting Clients exclusively to achieve their objectives no matter how complex the case may be.
The International Law Firm comprises a team of multilingual professional lawyers highly qualified with legal skills and experience in both regional and international legal matters and jurisdictions whether influenced by civil, common or sharia law legal systems. We correspond in English, Arabic and French and have personal contacts at senior levels in major Federal & Local Governments, Ministries, Government Institutions, Rulers Courts, Chambers of Commerce, Free Trade Zones and Business Circles.